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If you require a unique show created for your venue, need a specialised act devised, or if any filming project needs particular knowledge of the full range of styles for Stage Spectaculars, Cabaret and Special Film Sequences then Gerard Simi and The Burlesque Factory can deliver stunning and effective results.



With the sum of his experience, Gerard can devise, stage and choreograph a wide variety of Revue entertainment such as Burlesque Extravaganzas, Intimate Nude Striptease or Lavish Alcazar-style Revues that mix beautiful female and male dancers with female impersonators.


His many years of working with and for theatre entrepreneurs and running his own theatre has required an understanding of business and this is why he has always delivered his work on schedule and within budget.


Should you wish to discuss your requirements further, please contact

Gerard Simi.





Gerard also creates and choreographs for solo artistes. If you are just starting out or are a performer who needs a fresh new act, please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Show Production & ChoreographyParis After Dark
Staged by Gerard Simi

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